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Your contribution is much more than a dollar value, for the Red Siskin is the difference between thriving and extinction:

Tu contribución va mucho más allá del valor monetario, para el cardenalito es la diferencia entre vivir o desaparecer:

Dar para salvar al cardenalito

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Your donation goes to Provita NGO, the organization that leads the Red Siskin Initiative in Venezuela

Tu donación va a Provita ONG, la organización que lidera la Iniciativa Cardenalito en Venezuela.

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Donate by Paypal

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Donate by Stripe

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Steps to make your donation

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1) Choose your the platform of your preference


1.1) Paypal (Left)

  • Click on the PayPal button, a new page will open
  • Insert the purpose and amount of your donation
  • Complete the information requested: Country, Name, Lastname, Credit card number, Address and Email
  • Click on yellow button to review and approve your donation




1.2) Stripe (Right)

  • Write the amount you wish to donate
  • Click on Payment button, a red pop-up window will open
  • Complete the information requested:Email, Card details
  • Click on the Confirm Payment to send your donation


2) That’s it! Simple and easy

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Pasos para hacer tu donación

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1) Elige la plataforma de tu preferencia


1.1) Paypal (Izquierda)

  • Haz click en el botón PayPal y eso te llevará a una nueva página
  • Escribe el concepto y la cantidad de tu donativo
  • Completa la información solicitada: País, Nombre, Apellido, Detalles de la tarjeta de crédito, Dirección completa y Correo electrónico
  • Haz click el botón amarillo para revisar y enviar la donación.




1.2) Stripe (Derecha)

  • Escribe el monto de la donación
  • Haz click el botón Payment y se abrirá una ventana emergente roja
  • Completa la información solicitada: Email y detalles de la tarjeta de crédito
  • Haz click en el botón Confirm Payment para enviar tu donación


2) ¡Listo!. Simple y fácil

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Why donate?


  • We need your help!  Fundraising is difficult, but small investments yield incredible returns: you get more conservation for your dollar in Venezuela than anywhere else in the world right now.


  • We are inspirational leaders, achieving tangible results for the Red Siskin conservation in spite of challenging circumstances.


  • Thanks to our committed work results-oriented, we have build solid alliances with national and international partners and collaborators . 


  • We work with diverse actors – farmers, environmentalists, scientists, aviculturists, students, public servants, the general public, and more — to create and expand our support networks.


  • This program benefits not only the Red Siskin now, but also many other endangered species and ecosystems.

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What have we achieved?


    • Organic certificacion of 39 Production Units of shade-coffee in Northern Venezuela.







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What do we do with contributions?

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